Spencer Reid + his tongue thing

This shouldn’t be hot but it kind of is. 

  • Autistic Person: *Flaps when they're happy*
  • Autistic Person: *Hisses and pulls away when they're upset*
  • Autistic Person: *Points and jumps when they need something *
  • Autistic Person: *Rocks and stomps when they're upset*
  • Autistic Person: *Verbally stims when they're anxious *
  • Autistic Person: *Pets other to show love and affection*
  • Autistic Person: *Has a thousand unique stims and vocalizations for different contexts that convey different meanings*
  • Allistic Person: "See, they don't communicate at all!"

"There are no straight men. Only men who have not met me."


I always wondered what Arthur thought Merlin witnessed when he was under the bed…


make me choose: morgana pendragon or hermione granger - requested by battybanana!


Guinevere fest: Bonus day!

Angel appreciation